Really miss the footers in the new forum!!!

I really miss the one place people put a lot of creative energy into (well maybe not so much me) - the signature footer

The barely readable gray one liner is not the same as seeing the creative energy kids put into making a signature. An icon only goes so far.

Any way we can have better footers/signatures in this new layout?

You can always add to the body of your post an image, but who wants to do that every time.


Agreed. The signatures were great. Unnecessary, but fun.

Yes. My theory is they did that so they didn’t have to see how many people want to bring B03 back.


I don’t miss them at all. Just a waste of space that was needlessly repeated over and over. I don’t care who wants BO3 back.


I did not like the signatures that included images larger than the post itself. I adblocked them so I wouldn’t have all that wasted space in the content. So, I’m ok with the change.


It would be nice if they could be added back, but with an option to disable them if a user is annoyed by them.