Rear Wheel Drive EDR Bot

Hey, so my team did stuff when I was gone for a practice, and now my robot has two rear motors, but no front motors, thus decreasing potential power and speed by two-fold. I am wondering if this is at all smart, or if I can even drive this crap. Our first comp is the 1st, and I need help.

Is this cortex or v5? And where else are you using motors. If you are limited by other mechanisms to just a 2m drive than this is fine but you might want to connect the front and back wheels using chain or, preferably, gears

Cortex, and we don’t have room for chain or gears. It sucks.


I’d try to get 4 motor drive, I guess you cant do 6m cuz of the space

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2m drive just isn’t enough for cortex


Okay, two motor cortex drive will NOT work. You need at least a four motor cortex drive to not stall mid match. I highly recommend you put those two motors back on.


If they’ve done this because there’s no longer room near the front wheels, you can try driving each back wheel with two motors apiece. If you have a tray bot most of your robot’s weight will be on the rear wheels most of the time anyway, so you might even see better performance than 4-wheel drive with 1 motor each.

We have a claw bot tho

Well, everybody, thanks. I guess I’m gonna have to haul arse in practice today and put those motors on.

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Small tip for your situation:
If you can reach a state where your robot may not be fully functional, but workable, stop there. With just a little more than 1 week before your tournament hardware issues should slowly become less of a priority and it will become much more important to practice and program.
Obviously I don’t know how bad the case is for you but this is something I’ve learned (the hard way)

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Thanks. I think I’ma just tell my team to stop being lazy. Although we still need to finish our claw. our robot is a **** show.

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