ReBuilding/Design Help

Hey all. I have decided to start my own team for high school. My design right now is not the best and I am not sure if I should rebuild. Should I rebuild and if I were to rebuild, what designs should I be keeping a eye out for? Attached below is what I have right now.

  1. why are you obscuring the license plates?

  2. the issues that would require a rebuild will become apparent only to the users of the robot. If you do rebuild, have a set of explicit goals in mind for your rebuild. some good ones might be 3 encoder odometry.


Your design as of right now is good enough; you don’t have to completely rebuild, only make minor changes. But some things I noticed right off the bat that you may want to address:

  1. The conveyor motor mounted in front of the top roller… that just… doesn’t feel right…
  2. Make your rubber bands neater on the conveyor rollers.
  3. Ziptie your wires to the metal, it will make the robot look flatter and overall cleaner, which, believe it or not, will be important in alliance selection, as teams are more likely to pick teams whose robots are pleasing to look at.
  4. Why are you gearing for torque on the middle sprocket in your intakes? Also, just because the sprocket is 18T in the middle doesn’t mean the outer sprocket will go faster. It will go the same speed as the motor.

Like he said, you have a good amount of space to implement these, particularly in between the outer braces where the wheels and motors are mounted on the base.
Also, if you’re not already, use 600 RPM cartridges in your conveyor motors.

If you really want to rebuild, some new features you could try by making accommodations include:

  • Ejector (“pooper” as many teams call it)
  • New base design (switch from tank to x-drive or mecanum?)
  • Deflector (artificial backboard to make your shots more consistent)

This is especially important. Make sure that your rebuild solves the important issues that have been troubling you with your current design.


I would suggest adding at least one back roller so you can “poop” out the balls.

Happy cake day @DrewWHOOP!
Also, I would very much consider redesigning your hood, there looks to be very little to no compression on the ball due to the angle of the hood.


Actually, its my birthday, and thank you!

As for OP, it might be good to make those sprockets on the side not be cantilever mounted, but that doesn’t take a rebuild.


Then… happy birthday!

wait how else would it be mounted besides the cantilever way. Also, does the base look good? I think i might redesign that since (if you cant tell) the front motor isn’t there and I would need to chain it otherwise. Do you think I should gear the base to like 3:7?

oh ok thanks for the input and ill def fix some stuff. As for why the intakes are geared for torque, wouldn’t it be better to have it as torque so it can like push the balls to the conveyors?

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Even without gearing it for torque, the roller would still have enough torque to push the ball into the conveyor, so really all you’re doing is making the roller slower than it needs to be.

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only you can answer how you think your robot should be.