Rebuilding robots

So last year I know a lot of people rebuilt there robots before worlds and my question is who will be and why are you doing it this year?

there is no way our team will be rebuilding for worlds. especially in a game like skyrise where scoring fast and consistent wins. (not nearly as much defensive strategies compared to toss up, sack attack or gateway)

we have spent far too much time perfecting our robot to score quckly and effectively too change it in a month before worlds. (maybe if we had 10 people on our team:cool:).

it may be worth it to change if the robot was designed originally for say programming skills. still, at this stage, small changes would be better.

we have a sister team that has changed between 5 different designs this year and are doing pretty bad. not enough time to get one working smoothly and consistently. not to mention driving practice.

Unless you have tested your design previously I wouldn’t attempt it. A month isn’t enough time to tune and perfect it.

Thats what we were think Mabey fixing our lift and adding sensors and Mabey switching intakes and adding more capacity to our intake tray.

If you know it won’t do well yet you qualified, a rebuild may be in order. Not much to lose if you do rebuild.

If you were dominant at your state and from watching videos think you can take on other high scorers, don’t touch a thing. Consistency generally wins over mass change.

Continuously improving on top of your current design - absolutely! Two of our three worlds bound teams are doing this approach and one is a borderline rebuild of one of the three key subsystems on a robot (drive, lift, manipulators). AS long as you can get back to the current state easily, keep improving until worlds.

My team has decided to rebuild our robots. We didn’t qualify for worlds(which may have contributed to the decision to rebuild), only nationals, so we are rebuilding for that competition. Our old robot just wasn’t able to score as consistently as other teams, so we redesigned our drive train, 8-bar and manipulator to be more accurate. I hope we perfect the design in time :confused:

I feel that rebuilding a robot is somewhat necessary in certain cases. Last year, my robot was completely rebuilt 4 times, and we were still able to get all of the sensors to work with autonomous, and our drivers were able to adapt. This year, we’ve done 4 rebuilds and are in the process of a 5th. Our robot, when compared to so many others, was useless to go to worlds with. Our drive could not drive straight and no sensors could be added to fix that. The lift was not tall enough and the autonomous could score nothing but 3 points consistently. It takes a certain amount of consideration between how good your team is when adapting to change and how well other teams are doing when thinking about a rebuild;we did just that and decided to bring our robot up to par with the rest of the world.

Rebuilding a robot before Worlds can be necessary. For example, my team is rebuilding our robot due to the amount of problems that we faced at SoCal States. Also, the robot that we have now will not be that competitive at Worlds.

Thank you guys for all of your responses but it turns out our education foundation won’t let us go to world even if we pay for the trip for reasons so ya.:frowning:

I’m just curious. Why is that?

They said just because no reason we are still complaining we are at the final meeting right now. And on top of that they have 20k left in budget for this year.

There are kids from China, New Zealand, Hawaii and elsewhere flying over from the other side of the planet. Remind your authorities that you are within driving distance.

I don’t wory we have we complained so much we crashed there mail servers. They said Maybe and they said they will tell us Friday.

That is absurd they would say no. Don’t let them get away with it if they do so. As FullMetalMentor said, you are about as close to the event you can get…people are coming from all over the WORLD. What an experience!

Keep in mind, for some teams going to Worlds it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. No one in their right mind should say “no” to such an event.

They have and we can’t go without there permission because the locked out robots up.:frowning: And we even would pay for our coach I was like really. :rolleyes:eek:

You should ask them the following:

“If our football team made it to the state championship game, would they be allowed to play?”

The answer is…of course they would. No one would even question is for a second. As I said before…do not give up on this…don’t let them say no. Fight back if they do. We have to stand up as a community to prove the value and worth of robotics. It isn’t just a fun thing to do, its probably the most educational school related activity out there.

We called the president and she is a close family friend and she didn’t even know about this so she said yes she would call a board meeting. They said you probley will be able to go. The argument we made to them was if you won’t let us exceed than we will start our own club and then what is even the point of trying. Just as a side note vex is 60% of there donations and only 40% goes to us.

Hey Trex, just wondering what 7183 team you are on. I’m one of the mentors for 333 in Illinois. I’m hoping you will be able to compete at Worlds. Keep on working at it. Wishing you the best!

They won’t let us compete no matter what we do, we are team number 7183D the muppets. I also program for team 7183c hydra reserection.

Are you part of a public school? Private school? 4-h club? None of the above?

If you are part of a public school I would raise hell about this. Unless there is specific information you haven’t told us, it is absolutely absurd that a school would say ‘no’ to such an opportunity. Especially when you are so close to the location. Your cost to attend would be a fraction of what many groups will be spending.

If your part of a private school or 4H…I hate to say it, but there isn’t much you can do at this point then. It’s up to them.