REC Foundation Employee Structure

Before last year the structure of REC seemed like it was:

  1. Some people at the top
  2. RSM
  3. EP’s, coaches, etc…

Last year they hired additional people in my region though, but it seems like a new position… Also, it seems like there is a position between the RSM’s the the top management.

That makes a lot of sense, but I’m curious how it is actually structured. What’s the chain of command?

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  1. Board
  2. CEO
  3. Directors of respective departments.
  4. Regional support managers
  5. Event support specialist
  6. Volunteer participants (EP, Coaches, Teams)

these would be Clients - not part of RECF employee/volunteer organization…

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This is true, all volunteers are customers, thanks for mentioning that.

Is the GDC one of these departments? What else would they be? I don’t know much about how corporations work in general (even though I have 2 LLCs), so I apologize if it’s obvious.

GDC, Game Design Committee, is a group made up of RECF and VEX affiliated people who define and interpret questions related to each season’s game challenge. The Committee’s membership may extend to people outside RECF and VEX.

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