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My stste does not have an rec rep this has led to us being disqualified for not interpreting the rules the same way as the tournament dorector. This also had us lose a match at worlds for mis understanding a rule and not being able to have it clarified.

Can you be more specific? What rule was misinterpreted? Why do you think having an RECF rep would have made the outcome different?


You should probably use proper spelling, and clearly/fully explain your problems to us, that way we can solve it without having to decode what you’re trying to say.


Please let us know what you want from this, every state has an RECF regional support manager.


I’m going to play the stricter man here and say that this was on you for not understanding the rules, especially since teams at worlds, as the only representative from their country, figured out what’s fair game.

I think there is also a misunderstanding on what the REC representative does. Really, the REC doesn’t really deal with the game, but moreso about the structure of how the game runs. The tournament dorector [sic] is given the greenlight from the REC to host the events, if you mean Event Partner. If there is a bad referee, that is when you talk with the Event Partner, and then to a REC rep. One small misunderstanding on the rules isn’t really egregious, and it certainly isn’t the responsibility for the REC local representative to tell you the rules at the final competiton

Also, could you tell us what state you are from? Maybe you don’t have a specific “state” rep, but you have a rep for a specific region. From a minute of googling, I see your team is located in Louisiana. Maybe there’s a southeast regional representative, instead of just one from Louisiana?


Louisiana indeed does not have an assigned RSM, apparently.



They shifted some people around recently. It’s probably just not finalized yet. Our RSM moved on recently after WORLDS and there was a blank on the website for a bit.


Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina do not currently have one either [as of a couple of weeks ago], although I have heard Georgia has someone who acts in a somewhat similar role.

Florida and the Carolinas (plus Puerto Rico and France) all shared the same representative as of last season. He used to represent Georgia as well, but later delegated it to someone else.

The map also says:

“If there is no representative listed for your area, please e-mail

However, not having an RECF rep at the tournaments you go to may make it harder to resolve disagreements in some cases. [Edited to add: To clarify, most tournaments won’t have the Regional Support Manager there anyway, since there may be multiple tournaments on the same day, or the RSM may have something else he needs to do that day.]

I remember at least one time when Florida’s RECF rep was able to convince the referees to overturn a DQ at the State Championship, and I’m sure there have been many other times where an RECF rep was able to help resolve a dispute.

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I’ve heard that Georgia didn’t have an official RECF rep last year, although they did have someone who filled a similar role.

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AFAIK, Georgia’s RSM Terry Marbut will be the regional support manager for at least South Carolina.

I’ve heard good things about him (assuming he’s the person I’m thinking of), so I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

He probably wouldn’t cover Florida, since we have so many teams and he already covers Georgia and SC, but I’m hoping Florida will get someone good, too.


Florida has one, it’s Ashley Phipps.


You are correct Ashley will be replacing Matt Conroys region, their are new staff members coming on board and as tradition RECF has always had that list of new staff finalized before the new school year. New staff needs time to be brought up to speed and it takes time.

Also its impossible to have RECF at all tournaments even at the state level really hard. The foundation even has event support specialist which is still not enough staff to cover everything.

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Also give it time companies have turn over and RECF has to find eligible staff.

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Ah, OK. Thanks for letting me know!

(I probably would have found out myself if I was still listed as a coach, but I’m not at the moment.)

This is correct. I don’t remember seeing our RSM at either high school Florida State Championship this year (one was because he was at States for South Carolina), although he was there the previous year and at a lot of local events.

I’ve mostly overlooked the other RECF support staff who have been at events, but I think I have seen some before (and definitely lot of them at Worlds).

I’ll likely notice them more in the future, since I’m considering possibly working for the RECF someday.

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We normally see the RSM or assistant RSM at events hosted by new EP just to make sure their first event is awesome. I run the Delmarva Championship, we don’t get an RSM because of competing events in our area and I’m good with them being a phone call away for any disasters.

There is new RSMs coming on board, we’l have a new one for this year.

@B-Kinney Good for you thinking to join RECF. It’s a hard job with almost every weekend between 1 Oct and 9 March having an event. I can’t imagine how much our RSM drives around in a season.

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To corroborate some of the replies of other users that have replied to your post, this does not appear to be the fault of the absence of an REC foundation representative at your tournaments. It seems as if you should have taken the time to ask questions at the driver meetings that are usually held at all tournaments to clarify this rule, and if you ran into the same situation again at worlds, you must have failed to read the rulebook to understand why it was that you were disqualified the first time. Then again, you haven’t let us know what actually happened, so feel free to make another reply and clue us in.


I am from louisiana
The rule was about parking on an opponent’s platform to block them from going up
We did ask at drivers meetings all year and we were told it was not allowed so at worlds we went in with that mentality and in a match we questioned the fact that our opponent parked on our alliance platformand we were told that the alliance platforms should be considered as a grey tile.

Although that is a misinterpretation of the rules, it is still your fault for not being aware of the rules. Although it isn’t clear as defined in the manual, then < G19> stated

The Q&A system is an extension of this Game Manual. All Teams must adhere to all VEX
Robotics Competition rules as written in this Game Manual, and must abide by any stated intents of these rules. Officially registered Teams have the opportunity to ask for official rule interpretations in the VEX Robotics Competition Question & Answer system. All responses in this system should be treated as official rulings from the VEX Robotics Competition Game Design Committee (GDC), and they represent the correct and official interpretation of the VEX Robotics Competition Rules. The Q&A is the ONLY official source for rulings besides the Game Manual.

The VRC Q&A system can be found at

Although it may be tedious to look through many posts, it was clarified before 2019 the intent of that rule through multiple rulings, including this one. If you knew the rules, then you should have tried to bring this up to the Head Referee at your event, and if they refused to comply, brought it up to the Event Partner, and if they refused to comply, emailed the REC directly asking for clarification.

There’s not much you can do now, but sometimes you just have to know all the official rulings, and be ready to pull one out if necessary.