Receiver Gyro

You know how bmx bikes use gyros to pull the back brakes well i was wonderin if anyone else thinks it would be great to have a gyro made of plastic and metal for the vex receiver so that your robot could make a program so when the receiver loses signal it will go into auto mode and turn the rod with receiver gyro til it gets signal again!

sounds hard but its pretty easy for ppl who plastic and metal lyin around though i dont
so what do ya think
are you :smiley: YES:D or :frowning: NO:(

srry but forgot poll at last minute

I’m pretty sure that user code in the microcontroller can access a variable that records whether the microcontroller is getting a valid signal from a receiver, and I know that you can buy gyros compatible with the microcontroller’s inputs.

All that remains to be done is writing the software; and that is an exercise left for “the student”.


I think it would be cool if you could put a gyro in your VEX robot and it be FVC legal. There are alot of possibilities. I can see why you would want it to be in the reciever, but then the recievers would be way too expensive, they are expensive enough now!

oh :eek: i forgot to mention the receiver can turn in place unless you guys already assumed that because the wires would be connected to an individual circle