Recent Chinese finals tournament

Yesterday someone posted a video of a Chinese tourney. They had a design basically like 448x Echo, but they were able to pick up nine cubes through their intake. We have a similar design, but struggle on the seventh cube. Does anyone have any tips to get more cubes at once on that stack.

So there are two possible causes of this problem. Either you don’t have enough traction or enough power. (Or not a long enough tray?)

If your flaps are rotating but the cube isn’t pushed, you need more traction such as a locking mechanism (as outlined in the 448X documentary) or simply put the rollers closer together.

If the flaps struggle to rotate and the cube stays still, you need more power. You can achieve this with a slightly high gear ratio (i.e. slower but more powerful) or simply smaller sprockets on the intake. (Same effect as a higher gear ratio but easier to do imo)

If you posted pictures/video that would really help figure this out , but if this post helps then good!


Here are some final match videos taken by NickWang from BISTU1



thanks, I dont have the robot on me currently, but we’ve been pushing the sprockets closer and closer, and that has helped till the eighth cube. We have decided to put on the 100rpm cartridge and that has helped quite a bit

it helps to make the rollers spin faster. it also helps to have one big one and one small one to ensure that the treads line up with the cubes’ surfaces.


Interestingly enough there was a robot in one of those videos that could grab and stack two cubes side by side fairly well


But they could only grab the two. It did work out for them well, though. I’m excited to see how that sort of design does in the future.
I tossed the idea around early season, but then abandoned it for obvious reasons.

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Here are some more videos, which people who I knew filmed in Baoding, where the tournament was located. They, unfortunately, don’t show the entire match.