Recently Revived Old Threads

Recently, I have noticed a significant increase in revived old threads. I believe this is mostly due to Discourse suggesting old threads, and people are unknowingly replying to them. Please be aware of the topics you are replying to, as many of them are from a while ago.


In case anyone missed it, you can make the suggested threads section show more recent threads with the following quick process


If everyone will do this, then we’ll stop seeing 4 year old topics get fresh (but the same) answers!

I’ve seems some old ones get revived but for seemingly no reason. Like, nobody seems to have revived them, they just appear…


When messages get deleted or moderators do something with the thread for whatever reason, the thread in question gets bumped up to the top.


ah that explains it.

Yeah I wound up looking at a thread about what the 2018-2019 game was going to be and it took me a couple minutes to realize what it was.:rofl:


Was it a water game?

Yep 2018-2019 game is a water game.

I’ve noticed this because Google is showing the dates as the conversion date to the new Forum. I use the tools to narrow down results to recent timeframes and it has been totally wrecked since the new forum launched.

I know that I can switch tabs from “Popular” to “Latest”, but is there any way to switch the initial default for all users? I’ve been away from the forum for quite a while, and when I came back, the first topics to hit me were “IInjustice in RECF” , “Sacramento State Venue Problems,” and, “What Should We Do; Our Coach was Arrested.” It made me wonder, “If the Vex community is like this, is it worth volunteering any more (having volunteered since 2008)?” Once I switched to “Latest”, I got a more balanced feel, including cool robot pictures, so maybe I’ll stay :slightly_smiling_face: Controversy always gets attention, and the most contentious topics are likely to be popular. But is that really the “first face” the Vex forum should show to a new user?


Not sure what you’re talking about, because the default is Latest:


Oh – I could be an anomaly. I came “back” to the forum after a long hiatus thru an email that sent me to popular topics. I see now that “Latest” is the default if you enter directly thru the site.

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