RECF EP Summit Videos

I was in the middle of watching the EP summit livestream and I was a couple hours behind. Then, while I was watching, the video went private. Would someone in the RECF mind putting up the videos for at least for a couple of days?


Agreed, I tuned in for for all the presentations and can’t think of any reason as to why it would be made private.

On a related note, the webpage for the event states “We hope that all of our Event Partners can join us in-person or remotely for interactive presentations, training, and discussions…”

Emphasis added. It became obvious early on the chat was not being monitored in a meaningful way (to the point of a spam bot leaving odd messages in the chat). While I appreciate the livestream, I am disappointed event partners like myself tuning in remotely cannot add to the discussion.




And I wasn’t able to watch it myself, but the audio (which you could already barely hear) actually got WORSE for the second half of the day. Bravo. They were going out of their way to not pay attention.

If nothing else, RECF is going by its long standing tradition of poorly producing the remote portion. I really liked when I was able to go, but I wasn’t able to go recently. The “feedback” is in the form of a brief hand raising session. Hope no one was in the bathroom, they would go from surveying 3% of EPs to 2.8%. (I have no real idea about those numbers…)

This is from the organization that just didn’t realize that a big portion of VEX IQ was going with a single driver for basically the entire season, many places into states. (But the manual said to not exploit the exploitable rule!!!) I don’t feel like they have any idea what is going on and no idea how to collect meaningful data. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened one of their surveys, seen the length of it, and closed it immediately. I don’t have a half hour to fill those things out, and I would like to meet the people that got through it.


I am live at the EP Summit. I just asked the guys running the livestream about yesterday’s video. They said that they are going to cut it down to take out the gaps and try to fix some of the audio, probably by using the local recording, and then they will reupload it as a resource for everyone to access. They also said that they are working on improving the audio, they had some connection issues at times yesterday.


I also just asked and they do have people monitoring the chat in the livestream, so if there is a question or comment from those watching you can post there and they will see it. You can also post here if you like and I’ll try to watch for things to ask if they aren’t otherwise covered.


Sorry to bump the thread, but the recordings still aren’t up. Can anyone from RECF comment on this?


Due to the fact that most of the video content is discussion based, the videos will not be posted.

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Which is honestly such a disappointment to many EPs out there who could not attend. Shame on RECF for not making the videos posted and reaching a wider audience of EPs around the world. Just because the videos are “discussion based” doesn’t mean they should not be posted. Many EPs would actually benefit from said discussions.


If you read closely, the title card in those videos says “Coach Summit”, which is not the EP Summit which is what OP asked about.


I can do a short summary. There were some great presentations by RECF and VEX about last season and next season. I hope that they publish them, they were very good. There were also presentations about things EP care about. There was also an awesome presentation by Bob on the new Vex web organization {topic} and the alpha release of the notebook.

Plus Texas food.

And drones.
And a tour of “Vex Central” which I can not talk about, but if you are a high school senior apply to be a VEX intern. (And yes I did ask if I could be a VEX intern and got “send your application in” response) The notebook is out and you can see that.

There was sound issues in the room where people did not use the microphone and that may be part of the problem.

You only missed EP’s like me asking questions and pushing our point of view. If you think I’m annoying here, then you didn’t miss anything by me being very annoying in Texas. But if you follow along you see that a number of things were addressed by RECF in the following days due to all of the EP’s pushing out ideas and issues they were having. So we are all being listened too.

Sometimes sausage making is just listening to the squeal, or maybe not.