RECF Qualifying Criteria Changes

While at a tournament today, someone said that Kansas was getting 9 spots to worlds. I was certain that when I had check the qualifying criteria in January that Kansas was only getting 8 spots. I checked the qualifying criteria and noticed that since the January 12th update, the number of spots Kansas would receive has changed from 8 to 9.

I don’t know if any other regions had their worlds allocations changed, but I wanted teams to be aware of this fact.

Also, does anyone know what sparked these changes as there were no scheduled update the the criteria after January 12th?


Each US region got around 1 addition WC spot from the Qualifying Criteria released on Friday. Some regions may have received more than one spot if their additional spot would have made an award that previously qualified to worlds not qualify.


no complaints. one more spot that I can try to get into


Yeah same here. I’m definitely not complaining about it, I mean for Colorado middle school we got bumped from 10 spots to 11, and our state tournament has standard 24 teams invited so the percent of teams at state that qualify for worlds got bumped up from 40% to 47% so we have a near 50 50 chance of going to worlds.


Looks like North/Central Florida has 5 spots for 9 Middle School teams… I wonder what was the RECF’s reasoning for giving such a small and uncompetitive region so many qualifying spots?


UK has 6 middle sch spots for roughly 7 or 8 competitive middle school teams

Texas Region 2 MS got bumped from 6 to 13 :man_shrugging:
No complaints. We want to go to worlds.


First, I think Worlds has a set venue capacity, so filling it based on what regions can travel is a good idea - inspire more students. Second, small and uncompetitive is a weird statement to make. These teams and their organizations showed grit during a pandemic enabling something to feel normal again. Each team’s journey is different and can not characterized solely by quantitive data. I think this year we should celebrate coming back to competitive robotics.

I am grateful to have an in-person season, albeit chaotic, at all after two years of not normal.


In general there are more IQ teams than VRC teams for MS in my region. As a matter of fact, there were only 9 MS teams at our regional championship, which did not have any pre-requisites for qualifying. But I do have to commend the teams for coming out here and competing, even with the number of teams being so small.


Arkansas HS got moved from 12 to 16. Semis is now included

same for eastern pa hs, 12 to 16

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Delmarva picked up a HS and a MS. To those of you that don’t need your extra words qualification slots, please send them to me, I’ll find a use for them.

(I’m on a roll here. Old Omni, unwanted V1 IQ brains, unwanted Worlds Slots, etc. Gonna need to open “Foster’s Junk-O-Rama of Surplus Robotics”)


Arrggh… you have beaten me to this…

I am shameless when comes to squeezing out worlds spots. lol…


Meng, I always have your back!!! I’ll share any extra slots that I get with you!!


Can Hawaii get any more MS slots? we got 12 competing MS teams, but only 4 slots, HS has 7 for 30ish or more HS teams.

Congrats to everyone who makes it, we’ll be having our states competition tomorrow, good luck to all those who are having theres soon!

Southern California got bumped from 30 to 31 spots, but I’m so confused on what the other qualifying spot is going to be. There are two locations and both have the same awards. Would it just go to top ranked Skills teams?

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In general, untaken spots through not being enough awards or double qual go down regional skills ranking

Hmmm. I think there are a number of solid teams that stand out in the region. I doubt you will see “default” clawbots or Herobots at HS level advance from the region. I have been impressed with 48425A RoboSheen and 375X Industries focus.

SNE is advancing 25 teams - looking at the region’s top 25 global skills scores all above 300 with both driver and programming runs. I doubt any of them are clawbots.

Look forward to seeing you at SNE regionals next weekend :slight_smile:


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