Rechargable AAA Battery Charger Recommendations

Our team has been using rechargable AAA batteries to power our VexNet Joysticks for a while now, and while the batteries have more or less done the job, one of our 8-battery chargers has stopped working and our 16-battery charger seemed to be damaging the batteries. Considering we have well over 50 AAA batteries one remaining 8-battery charger is not going to cut it.

I figured the best source for recommendations are other robotics teams, so I’m making this post looking for recommendations, preferably ones that can charge 8-16 batteries at once. We additionally would rather avoid the VEX brand chargers.

I seem to remember a question that teams are asked at inspections. “Are you using Vex Chargers?” correct me if that is only for 7.2v but we have always just used the VEX ones

Um I’m pretty sure I made it clear that I’m asking about rechargable AAA batteries…

I know that. We have always used Vex Chargers

I originally thought the rule regarding the use of Vex brand Chargers extended to AAA batteries also but I was wrong.

I don’t think it matters which AAA charger you use. The rational for having to use a VEX 7.2 volt charger is that because the robot battery actually affects robot performance. The remote batteries … do not.

Are we required to use Vex AAA batteries in the controller? My team sometimes uses Duracell non-rechargeable batteries in a pinch, and we’ve never been asked about joystick batteries before.

It doesn’t specify in the rules so I guess not.

I just checked; <R13f> is the only relevant rule. It requires that Vexnet joysticks be powered by AAA batteries. It doesn’t say anything about Vex batteries or Vex chargers for batteries.

If I were you, I would do research. I Researched that there is such thing as a 16 AAA battery charger, try using Google and checking the ones available. They all should charge the batteries until they’re full…
I have found a pretty good charger that charges 16 AA or AAA batteries, and it shows the amount the batteries are at by an LCD screen:
Image of it from Google:
Battery Charger.jpg

No. We have been using a collection of VEX batteries and random cheap rechargeables off of amazon.

The thing is that all of the results I have gotten from google have been rather skewed. 50% of reviews tend to say that the product is garbage, the other 50% love the product.

I figured that getting recommendations from other teams would lead us in the right direction

I purchased rechargable AAA batteries and chargers from Very good prices and great service.

Specifically this charger at It has enough spaces for two joysticks worth of AAA batteries at once in one charger. :head explode:

That has nothing to do with this… Also please read the last post day before posting, this one was from may.