Recharging the Battery Pack

Has Any successfully recharged a battery pack without the VEX charger, if so can u tell me how ?

Thanks in advance

You can pretty much use any standard 6-cell (or 8-cell for the TX battery) NiCd charger. I’ve recharged the 7.2V battery pack using a wall-wart style charger from Radio Shack.

Are you wanting to build your own charger?

  • Dean

yea, pretty much, sorry about my bad grammar… Do u know the specs of the charger ?
Namely how it works ?

I don’t know any details about the charger, sorry.
Wikipedia talks a bit about charging NiCds.
Also, found this interesting project.

Good luck!

  • Dean

If you are going for peak charging. I would suggest looking at the Hobby RC chargers.

Hobbytown usually has an AstroFlight or many other brands in their store. Peak Chargers are also called Fast, Quick, Speed Chargers.

If you just want a standard charger similar to the VEX system , you probably won’t find any great bargains than your existing VEX system.

Thanks guys ,much thanks…