Recommendation for Lexan in CAD

We are developing some components of our robot in Autodesk Inventor and I have downloaded some of the community part libraries but I was wondering how the community would recommend doing Lexan and if anyone had a library with some Lexan parts. Thanks for any help!

1069B - Argonauts

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whenever I want to use some custom polycarb part in CAD, I just create a new part. then save it to my library for use in assemblies


Time to learn the other half of parametric CAD, making parts, not just assembling what’s already made! The basic process in all the CAD systems is to make a 2-dimensional sketch and extrude it to the proper thickness (0.062 for legal polycarbonate).


for example, this polycarb backplate on this dr4b CAD model.
I created a new part, sketched a rectangle with my desired dimensions, put holes in it, the extruded it 0.062". I saved it to my vex parts library, and placed it in my assembly. This is a really useful skill to have, its quite difficult to make assemblies exactly how you want without knowing how to create your own parts.


Okay thank you! I am competent in part designing and I was more looking for any tips a tricks for designing the part and changing the properties, adding holes, etc. Also any recommendations that you would give after doing it a few times.

What I do is make a new part in a new tab that is just an x by y sheet with a depth of 0.065 inches. I add clear texture/color, and any holes I need with the reverse extrude tool. Then save the part and open it in your assembly.


What about curved lexan? How would you do that?

Make a sketch of the curved profile. Width would be 0.065 then extrude it up to desired height. Then draw on the faces where you need holes and extrude them out.


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