Recording 2012 WC Finals

Does anyone know if the finals are being recorded for posterity and if so, where would they be available for viewing? If not, I (belatedly) thought of trying to do a screen capture from ~ 1:15 - 3:30 pm. But it requires downloading & learning to use the software (successfully) before then. Wish I’d thought of it sooner. If anyone else has expertise in this and is willing to do it, it’s probably less risky than hoping I can learn to do this in time. I’m also not sure if there would be additional complications of trying to capture such a large file.

OK, I’ve downloaded and learned to use CamStudio, which is free. It records pretty well when the sound is transmitted, but if I enable sound when there is no sound transmission, it messes up both the audio and the video. Since the ustream audio is intermittent, I’m playing it safe and recording video only. Also since I can only record one division at a time, I’m planning on alternating between various divisions (probably quarterfinals of one, semis of another, etc.). If anyone else is recording, perhaps we can work out an arrangement for better coverage. I also have to warn you that I’m not at full resolution to reduce file size, so the capture is tolerable but not wonderful.

The finals will be recorded on Ustream and available for viewing.

Whenever I try to record a long video, it messes up the video, and does weird stuff. Does this happen to you?

Great! Then I won’t bother with producing an inferior recording.

I haven’t tried recording more than 5 minutes at a time. I had originally planned to check in every 15 minutes or so and maybe create a new file every few matches. But it’s glitches like the one you discovered that made me hesitate to even try this on such short notice. Kind of like throwing together a robot the day before a tournament and hoping it performs on the day of the event without any field testing.

For those of us who would like to view recordings of these matches after the event has concluded, are there any recordings availible? If so, where?

They’re on ustream

Unfortunately, most don’t have the dates in the title or description, but they should be sorted with most recent first, so this year’s matches should be at the top.