Recycling Game Objects

I am cleaning out, making room for new equipment.
I just took a big bag of the plastic game elements to the local Animal Humane Society. They were thrilled.
Other ideas of where to donate?

We donate our old game objects to the local Elementary school and preschool. The preschool loved the round up rings.

we have found that the objects from the past couple seasons have been worthless but the clean sweep stuff is pretty fun for dodgeball fights.

We like to use the Round Up tubes for supporting the robot as we work on it as well as during shipping. Clean Sweep elements also make great packing material. I’m not sure what we will do with our gateway objects yet.

A team member brought his little sisters (each about 2yrs) over to our house (where the field is), and we let them play on the field a little bit… toddlers really like Gateway objects. :slight_smile:


I must admit, the Gateway field *does *look like a big playpen, and even acts like one when our junior members are on the field.

Clean Sweep objects are good for playing and Elevation cubes are good packing material apparently. Not so sure about hard plastic tubes or barrels/balls. Toys is probably the best answer.

My school generally uses the old game pieces in conjunction with makeshift fields to teach younger students (elementary, etc) about robotics in general.

I did see that one team used the Gateway objects to build their own tropies.

My team uses the Gateway barrels to support the robot’s base for testing. If you put the barrel right under the wheel, the dip in the barrel lines up with the projection of the wheels from the frame and you get a nice support. While still allowing the wheels to move.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could either sell the game objects, especially the plastic ones, for a small margin of the price back to Vex so they could melt them down and reuse them for another year in a different form so they don’t keep making new plastics!

ok there
with the process you have described, they would end up spending more money

dude plastic is cheap shipping isnt

VEX doesn’t want the objects back; you would need to send them to a plastic recycler. And I don’t know if the objects are even recyclable, and I’m even more doubtful about whether you can make the game objects out of recycled plastic. The pellets inside the sacks, however, could probably be made with recycled plastic.

But yes, shipping the objects anywhere yourself would be more expensive than it’s worth. It would be better to just recycle them via your local recycler.

We’re looking for one barrel (any color), if anyone in the Central Valley CA area has one to spare. We had enough game objects for a ball/barrel combo for our 5 members, but one got lost at an event (they do make nice souvenirs for the team members, and the barrel holds the ball nicely on a shelf). We can meet up at a fall event, if that’s convenient – will trade for cookies (the oooey, gooey, chewy kind). Those are easy to recycle (or at least biodegrade).

I believe the game objects from gateway are HDPE so it should be fairly easy to find out if you can locally recycle them.

Looks to me that they would then qualify as #2 according to The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI).