Red Blinking Light Error

Hey. The Weehawken Robotics Team is preparing a robot for the Starstruck Competition. Whenever we try to connect the controller to the robot, the robot light on both objects slowly blinks red and they can’t connect. All batteries are charged and the firmware is up to date. If there is anyone who can help, it would be appreciated.
Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.20.03 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 12.21.02 PM.png
Robot (25.2 MB)

Troubleshooting 1.0.1

Have your synced the controller and the Cortex with the orange cable? Does the robot run with the controller tethered to the Cortex using the orange cable?

Link to troubleshooting guide.

As Pete has implied, the lights you have indicated normally point to the robot and joystick either not detecting a key or timing out because the key that is held has not been paired. To ensure they are paired, connect the joystick and cortex via USB A-A cable, wait until the lights on both devices are all green, turn both devices off, reinsert the keys, and turn both devices on.

Take a look at this VEXnet Cortex Users Guide.

According to this chart (if the ROBOT light is slowly blinking red in both cortex and joystick) it says “Invalid ID in the CORTEX” as well as “Fault: User Microprocessor Issue”.

I hope this helps.

I have tried connecting the cortex and the joystick via usb. It appears they are having trouble pairing. The robot light slowly blinks red on both components and the game light does not turn green on the cortex. Troubleshooting tells me that this is a lack of battery charge but I am confident it is not.

I would redownload the master firmware for the Cortex and try pairing again.

Use the VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility:

My team has a similar problem but with PROS. The robot will run fine and them sometimes it just quits listening to the remote and runs the last thing it was told to do continuously. The robot led makes what I would call a red blip but I didn’t see that on the Cortex and Vexnet guide

Are you using IMEs?

Yes we are.

See this post.

I just re-downloaded the firmware for every component. When attempting to pair, on the joystick, the Vexnet light is solid green, and the robot light is green and has a single slow blink while the cortex has a solid green Vexnet light while the robot light slowly blinks red. I pressed the configure button on the cortex for 5 seconds and then the pairing did the same thing but kept on restarting after failure.

Update: The connection appeared successful but the Game light is off. Additionally, after pairing, the robot light slowly blinks red, indicating a microprocessor issue. How do I fix this issue?

Download your code again. You may also need to redownload RobotC/EasyC firmware. The light sequence won’t change to normal until you power-cycle, but the robot should work after code is redownloaded.