Red Blinking Robot Light. Fault: User Microprocessor Issue


Every one in five or so downloads to the robot, the robot stops responding to the controller and the robot light starts blinking red. I’ve checked the chart of these and it tells me that this is a Fault: User Microprocessor Issue. I haven’t really been able to find any help on what this means or any permanent help on how to fix it. This can be temporarily fixed by either downloading over USB instead of VEXNet or reflashing the firmware, but this always only fixes it until a few more times. Does anyone know a permanent solution?
Using PROS, download over vexnet


I have this exact same issue and solve it the exact same way you do; I have not been able to find any other solutions as well. Apparently, the Cortex is crashing. I have asked around and apparently it is because VEX doesn’t make drivers for Mac or something (I am using Mac).