Red Blinking Robot Light Flowchart Request.

So we have encountered several errors causing the Red Light of Death on the Cortex, and wanted to request input for making a flowchart to address what happened and how to prevent it in the future.

Does code run at all? Y: Continue; N: [list of usual novice coding errors outside of input based operations]

Does the light happen after a repeatable controller or sensor condition? N: Continue; Y: [something inside input based operations]

Are IMEs used? Y: [Assess if ESD is the issue and if not, continue] N:Continue

Does impact cause some of the problems? Y: Ensure battery, battery connection, and USB connections are secure, and possibly shock mount battery, battery extender, and cortex using rubber connectors or antislip mats. N: Continue


I am not sure what happens after this. I often encounter random and unrepeatable cortex crashes while running basic custom control code on clawbots as well as on our competition bot.

Thanks @Barin, but when you have a slow single blinking light, there is only one square on the flowchart, and it isn’t even complete. Sometimes shock/vibration or ESD can cause the problem, and not just code. That one square is what I am trying to elaborate in.

The problem is that the user processor has crashed. That can be caused by a software bug, IME static, or a number of other things. You can’t really ‘complete’ that branch of the flowchart.