Red Gears

In the Turning Point game reveal video, the clawbots seem to have red high-strength gears. Are these publicly available, or not, or am I just seeing things?

I think they are old, discontinued gears. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Vex sells them anymore. However, you may be able to find some on Amazon or a similar shopping service.

Those red gears come along with the V5 Classroom Starter kit, but they are currently unavailable until further notice as they are out of stock.

This is similar to our situation with wheels transitioning over to a High Strength bore. Eventually, all our gears / sprockets will transition over to red. However, we must first exhaust all of our existing inventory of green.

Until that time comes, the red gears & sprockets will only be available in V5 Kits.

Just wondering, is there a reason that you want to change the color of the gears? Is it just for a change of pace or is there a fundamental difference between the two?

Probably for branding and color scheme consistency.

bragging rights 8 season from now :slight_smile:

“you have green wheels!?”

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