Red light on VEXnet flashing

I have a red light flashing on both the cortex and the controller when I try to link them using the 2.0. I have done it with a controller and it works fine. When I go through the steps to hook it up the VEXnet light double flashes on the controller and cortex.

I have started the process over many times with no success.

I have updated both the controller and the cortex as well as changed batteries.

Any suggestions?

Hello bbrooks88,

Thanks for visiting our forum.
Our new VEXnet Keys 2.0 require master code version 4.x.x.

Which version of master code are you running in your Cortex & Joystick?
Are you running easyC or ROBOTC?

Please confirm.


I am running RobotC.

Under MasterCPU- Cortex_v3_23.bin

Joystick- joy_v3_23.bin.


Thanks for the confirmation.
It looks like you are running master code 3.23, which is not compatible with the VEXnet Keys 2.0

Please update your ROBOTC software to 3.63 directly from this link.