Red Screen on Controller Cannot Access Power Chip Update

This is what worked. Turns out the bigger issue was that my colleague’s laptops were old and not working well. Additionally, used a separate USB cable that wasn’t VEX’s. Hate to say it, but the USB cables that VEX provides have been unreliable.

Thanks for the tip - good to know that VEXCode can reload the VEXOS.

I am having the same issue with the red screen and powerchip update. I recently took over as robotics instructor and took some V5 brains out of storage. I ran an update but now I see this

Can I get the same link that worked for barb? @jpearman

exactly which screen are you seeing ?
Invalid asset table or one of the production test code screens ?


I am seeing the screen 2 from above, the powerchip failure, do you wish to proceed? I am not able to push a button to proceed or cancel. I have updated the firmware on Vex. I can run a program from VEXcode but cannot do much else. (I am still learning a lot of coding)