Red Vex Claw???

Hello all,

I was inspecting robots for a recent league event, and had a team bring in a robot with a claw made from red plastic. I have only see claws made from green plastic. I searched the Vex catalog, and it seems that all Vex products are green, and only the VexPlorer products are red. Is the red claw an official Vex product, and therefore legal for competition? Thanks.

I am no expert on the subject but I understand that it is legal if not because its a vex part then because its identical to an other vex part

THe official vex claw used to be red then they changed the color to green.

This is a legal VEX part. See here for a partial picture:

The VEX claw used to be red, in color scheme for the VEXplorer. However, the rest of the VEX design system used a green/silver scheme, so VEX changed the color about a year or two ago.

That is one justification for legality. Another is Lenny-PR’s–the red claw is identical in all ways but color to the green one. Thus, just as red zipties are allowed (so long as they’re the same otherwise), the red claw is legal also.


Thank you everyone.