My code studio keeps telling me that “void driveFWD” got a new definition, and listed the old one, but the two are literally the same. Please help.

first off, you shouldn’t use vex coding studio. It has been discontinued, and its terrible. you should instead use vexcode, it uses the same language so you don’t need to relearn anything.


There can only be one definition of a function, if you remove one of the definitions it should compile

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The error is that you have two functions labeled exactly the same. The problem is not so much the code within them, but the fact you created a new function with name “name” (an example) but then created another new function with the same exact name of “name”. The error is when you compile, the redefining of a function in a brand new way confuses the compiler. If you want 2 of the same function, you should label them each separately or if you want to be efficient, just use the same function twice. But as @Xenon27 said, you really shouldn’t be using VCS. Trust me on this, you want to switch to VexCode. In basketball terms, VCS is the new Thunder and VexCode is the new Rockets. In football terms, VCS is the Steelers and VexCode is the new Patriots.


ok. thank you very much