Out of boredom, what have been some of you guys’ best/worst referee experiences? Or you can even just reply with memes.

To us in a qualifier: “Red, you’re possessing two.”
To another team that won the match by violating SG9, one of their bots which possessed 5 cones at one point, in an elimination round: Nothing.

To maintain anonymousness, I’m going to mix my experiences at different events, use 3rd person, list them in no particular order, exclude details, and exclude my position (I could’ve been on a team, a volunteer, or even a referee myself).

team starts pinning*
both side referees start yelling and counting with fingers*
‘PINNING, 2, 3, 4, 5, MOVE BACK’
The field head referee turns his head and sees the pin
The event’s head referee comes over
Then the buzzer for the end of the match buzzes

A goal bot with a ton of torque pushes another team’s bot sideways ON TO the cones, the other robot’s drive train had ZERO contact with the field.
No DQ.

The schedule was running way behind and a team was taking forever to set up, a staff member comes over, plops their robot on the field, puts the cone on the side, and basically says ‘start the match!’
Completely messed up the robot’s autonomous.

A team called a referee over stating their mobile goal wasn’t touching their bot, the mobile goal was literally off the ground and they kept… fussing about it (to put it nicely).
That team placed really high up and won zero awards

Just reading that makes me extremely furious


my 12 motor mobile goal lift can launch a 3.7 lbs mogo over 82.5 inches

To be fair, all official actions were justified
#1 was (obviously) a DQ
#2 Nobody was quite sure how to rule it, even with a disabled bot the affected team managed to solo the match so it was allowed to slide, albeit the offending team did get a big warning.
#3 if it were at Worlds, they would probably tell you to take your robot off the field
#4 is pretty justified, even their own alliance partners were telling them to calm down

@5YNAP5E Well yea now that you put it that way it does seem pretty justified but still…

@Vyx WAIT your mogo has 12 motors whattt

What rule does this violate?

None, unless there’s something else we don’t know about.

The only thing I could think of would be that they are causing the robot to possess the cone, which is illegal. But that is questionable. Is a cone under a robot possessed by it? The usual standard is seeing if the cone would move with the robot… but the robot can’t move!

Technically speaking, woulden’t #2 be a violation of <SG15> and <SG4>?
Unless intentionally ramming/pushing your opponet’s robot(s) onto some cones is a legal strategy…

Interesting interpretation. I don’t have a clear answer, but I think SG15 is meant to refer to cones that a robot is possessing being an extension of that robot, essentially. That could be a good Q&A.

Just made an official Q&A
Pushing opposing robot onto cones and disabling SG15 and SG4

The head ref told our team that we couldn’t stack the match loads in match and they had to stay in the ground. We were like in what universe!

One head ref NEVER called pinning, trapping, or entangling. They pushed us into a corner and stayed on us the ENTIRE match without backing up. Immediately after the match (before anyone had left the field), I politely brought the rules to the ref and they said they would give that team a warning. I also politely warned the team myself, rules in hand, and they continued to pin and entangle the rest of the day. Later they ripped out my friend’s team’s wires.

So they ripped out the wires by hand oooor ? The refs had to have said something about that. I mean I guess it really doesn’t matter since the tourney seemed biased and whatnot.

Lol no with their weird mogo intake I think.
It might’ve been their claw though.

I mean, tbf thats agaist both teams, because technically if it qasnt intentional then neither team did wrong. The wires ripped out team couldve been called for entaglement, but then the other twam couldve been called for illegal damage, so the ref making no call wouldve been in the right.

Not a violation of SG4, unless the “shoved” robot was up against the wall or a field element. You cannot pin one robot against another, or against cones. Well, you can, but it’s not Pinning.

Definition of Pinning: A Robot is considered to be Pinning an opposing Robot if it is inhibiting the movement of an opponent Robot while the opposing Robot is in contact with the foam playing surface and another Field Element.

And a Field Element is: The foam field tiles, field perimeter, Loader, Stationary Goal, Starting Bar, pipes that demarcate the Goal Zones, and all supporting structures.

You will note that a cone (or a big pile of cones) is not a Field Element, so you cannot be Pinning if the other robot is blocked by cones and not some Field Element.