Ref is incompetent

The ref at our comp does not know the rules. We corrected him but still he wouldn’t let us redo our match? what should we do? Some of the field elements were broken and the purple spinner was spinning both ways.

@2420D_Silver_Samurai, You could politely approach the Event Partner and plead your case. Sadly, that still might not help, as rule T1 says that the referee’s ruling is final.


You have a good point.

If you do approach the EP, I suggest leaving words like “incompetent” out of it.


First please note that referees are usually volunteers that are giving up their day trying to help the competition. I understand the frustration that it can cause on students and even mentors when they have to handle a situation with referees not knowing the rules. That is usually the fault of the Event Planner and Head referee. We’ve dealt with this situation even at Worlds.

The best way to handle this situation is to first ask for the rulebook and show the rule that has been violated. In this case, . If the scorekeeper referee disagrees, you can then appeal to the head referee. If they also disagree, unfortunately there is not much else you can do as rule states:
The Head Referee has ultimate and final authority on all gameplay ruling decisions during the

All that can be done is that the matter is brought to the EP so that future competitions have a better awareness to these issues. Sometimes you never get the result you are hoping for. The students will have to work past this and keep their spirits up. That may not be the answer you are looking for but that is how the competition sometimes goes. Incompetent is going against rule which doesn’t help your case but I can understand why you are frustrated with them. Do your best and hope that the competitions in the future are more prepared. Good luck!


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