Ref Ruling

just got back from a competition, and in my teams last match, we were winning by one point. then, at the very end of the match, the central flag pole leans to the side, due to a robot driving into the wall, and the fact that it was really loosely mounted, and the flag was switched to the other color because of leaning against the netting. this caused the opponents to gain 2 points, and our loss. We talked about it to the ref, and were told that it wasn’t a rematch because the rules don’t state that if a flag is toggled by the net, it doesn’t count. We accepted this, and left. No hard feelings, we would have probably lost anyways, and we all understand how difficult it is to be a ref seeing how hard they have to work at these events, but I was wondering, what was the right action in this scenario? I would think that fixing the wobbly flag pole, and doing a rematch would be suffice, but what do you guys think? Is this perfectly fine at an event, or does it call for a rematch?

So not going into the specifics because its difficult to make a call without having been there. I will say that a field fault is one of the situations that can justify a rematch.

As a head ref I have called for a rematch for the field breaking or collapsing sometimes and also let the score stand if the issue was insignificant or not match affecting.

alright, thanks.

aha thanks

What about the caps? When the robots are designed to knock off caps, how many caps need to be knocked off before the ref calls foul and disqualifies the offending team if the knocked-out caps would cause a match-affecting decision?


It would be up the head referee’s discretion.