referee scoring match tournament sheet pdf?

Can someone point me to the referee scoring match tournament sheet pdf?
For Starstruck … and for crossover
I looked on the event partner documents pages

At the bottom of the VRC Event Documents page, it says:

Resources for Volunteers, Judges, Inspectors, Referees, and Emcees for the 2016-17 season will be available soon.

I don’t believe that the scoring sheets are available yet.

LOL. OK. I am in touch with my RECF advisor now. We are running an official tournament on Saturday. Also need inspections sheets. I will use last year’s and modify where needed. Thanks.

If you need them for your tournament, then you could just create those sheets for yourself in Microsoft Word. The formulas for calculating scores in both games are pretty straightforward, so no need to go overboard.

A score sheet for Startruck is included with the installation of the latest version of Tournament Manager. It can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\VEX\Tournament Manager\Games.

But people are lazy, so I’ve attached it to this post.
StarstruckScoresheet.pdf (14.8 KB)

I wouldn’t say that people are lazy, in this case. The referees’ scoresheet have typically been posted online on the RECF site. That is where I would have looked first. I haven’t looked in TM as I haven’t had the need to download the Starstruck version yet. Thank you for pointing out that the scoresheet is buried in the TM folder. (I didn’t know that). That being said, many of us wouldn’t have known to look in the TM folder as we always got them from the site.

Thanks 536Mentor - . My RECF rep sent them to me. I never realized they were in the TM.
I appreciate your help.
The TM has a few changes for this year along with some different graphics.