Reference for Arm Autonomous?

Have had issues getting an arm or claw motors to spin in an autonomous, anyone got an example code I can look at? Any help is appreciated!

That’s highly dependent on what you are trying to do

You got things like


And then you going things like

Motor.spinFor(fwd, 5, rev, 100, pct); //RIP syntax

So we really need to learn more about what your goal is


Well my goal is to open a claw, then to lift the arm, but when I do it for some reason it doesn’t work but it might be that I’m doing the wrong thing

What is/isn’t happening? The claw might still be trying to open, which is blocking the rest of the code from executing

could you post your Auton code for us to look at so that we can see where you might be going wrong

I can’t post the code because its been a couple months since ive had access to the code, and my teacher changes teams at the start of the new trimester, so i have to try out the code suggested above and see if that works