Reference list for "Aluminum or Steel"

I created this thread for further use to help me and other people decide if they should use steel or aluminum, What do you use steel for and what do you use aluminum for?

i use steel for things that dont move and need to not bend, aluminum for everything else

I use both. Mostly because we at first built the robot out of steel then changed some of the parts to aluminum. The parts we couldn’t get to without taking apart the entire robot we just kept as steel.

I use only aluminum and then use steel if I need a counterweight. But you should mostly use aluminum

aluminum is best for weight reduction. i use all aluminum except for one 1x2x1x15 c-channel and that is used to keep the center of gravity balanced. basically the more weight = the slower the speed. it also burns out the motors faster.

I use all aluminum

For everything

if the aluminum bends or breaks switch to steel. Or if it is something under a high load use steel.

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No, there is no reason to use steel in these cases, just strengthen it or box it


yea but we have bent boxed aluminum

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How tho… Like… How

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My tray stop uses boxed steel pieces. I used to have aluminum, but what happened was that the tray folded out with so much force that it actually ground away at the aluminum until there was a noticeable bend. Steel fixed all of that :slight_smile:

I use aluminum for everything except my tray hinges.

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Ono, plz don’t do a steel tray, just manage your elasticity so it slows down


No I meant my tray hinges and the stopper lol, not the actual tray itself! My tray is made of aluminum to help CoM.

Ok that’s better lul

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aluminum for stuff that’s going to be lifted (arms, claws, etc) and steel for mostly the drive train and things on that level.


My team uses steel for the chassis seeing that steel is strong. However, we used aluminium for the lift as it is lighter and puts less stress on the motor.

i use aluminum for everything

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You should use steel vary rarely. It is heavy and my team has found no real application yet for it’s strength over aluminium. The only application I would use steel for is axles, screws, etc.


According to y’alls posts, steel is apparently stronger than aluminum but our team has found that steel is very bendy?