Refunds for Worlds 2020

Are any other teams having trouble getting the refund from Worlds? We filled out the form on robotevents the same day they sent out instructions for requesting this - but so far no refund and no updates in weeks. Wondering if they’re just really behind due to the virus lock downs?

Emails tend to take days or even weeks to receive responses from companies. But what’s quicker is merely calling them. You can call RobotEvents here:
(903) 401-8088
Other ways of contacting is here:
Or here:


I am not sure, they are saying that they are working on giving refunds. Even when we send a email 5 times they still said they are working on it. Same message, different name. It could been a bot. So they are not in office and till they are in office we might not get our refund

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Don’t expect an immediate refund. Just imagine how many people are actually wanting a refund. And with covid-19 that slows them down even more. Just give them time.