Regarding legal parts - 228-2500 part codes for VEX IQ Challenge 2020-2021 Legal Parts

Referring to this link for Vexiq allowed legal parts , how to find 228-2500-1480 (2x Pitch Shock Absorber) for adding this to robot for vexiq competition it seems not be available from There are few more parts that are listed as legal but not available in the available Vexiq product for purchase . Am I misreading the legal parts allowed or there is a wait for their availability?

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Lots of the HEXBUG toy parts are legal so some of the parts you’ll only find in HEXBUG kits. I know these are in the Offroad Truck but @Art_Dutra_IV is probably your man for encyclopedic knowledge of what can be found where.


For the shock absorbers, you can find them here: but I am not sure about the other one.


Like @calvc01 said, many of the parts in the Legal Parts Appendix are only available in VEX Robotics by HEXBUG kits (or, in this case, IQ Add-On Packs too, thanks @Noah10851B ). For the parts in question…

228-2500-1472 1x6 Linear Motion Rack Gear can be found in:
-Offroad Truck
-Build Blitz
-Balancing Boxers

228-2500-1480 2x Pitch Shock Absorber (Strong) can be found in:
-Offroad Truck
-Crossbow 2.0
-Shock Absorber Pack
-Ambush Striker

228-2500-1560 2x Pitch Shock Absorber (Weak) can be found in:
-Shock Absorber Pack


While we are on the topic of random parts that likely come from Hexbug kits, where can the item below be found?

1x4 Crank Arm with 23 Tooth Gear

228-2500-246 1x4 Crank Arm with 23 Tooth Gear can be found in:
-Robot Arm
-Motorized Robot Arm
-Snap Shot
-Balance Boxer
-Build Blitz


I have lots of hexbug parts becoasue relly before I was into Vex robotics i used to make the hexbug kits but really the parts are not help full

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This is one of my favorites. I’d like a longer arm, like a 6. But the smaller one would be in the Builders Bonanza of cool IQ parts

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I can see how it would be useful, but I can’t find the benefit of using it instead of just a gear with pegs/pins connecting to a 1x4.

It’s ideal for making steering arms or claws in tight places, sometimes the extra thickness is a pain.