Regarding results of Annotated Programming Skills Challenge

Lots of good quality submissions for this category.

And with all due respect to 917Y… but is it just me or I really couldn’t see their entry listed in the website?


Perhaps they did not submit one.
Edit - looked at announcement that they were a winner in the category. On the online challenge page, they do not appear.

Yup… that’s what triggered me to post this message.

Just want to clarify that i am not trying to question the quality of the winners or trying to bump my teams to become one of the winners (they are not even in the finalist list… too far off to bump).
But was really trying to see what did the winning teams did well so that my kids can learn and work on, and then I noticed that I couldn’t find their entry in the site.


Yeah, I noticed this as well. Not really sure how they won when they did not even show as finalists. (Obviously not questioning quality of the entry, I haven’t even seen it.)

Maybe…there’s an error in the robotevents website? That’s the only thing I can think of.

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Hi, I’m Alan from 917Y.
When we submitted our entry, we opted to keep it private.
The entry is now locked and we can’t make it public, but if you want to see it, here it is:
917Y - Annotated Skills Challenge - YouTube


Nice video, I found your use of a cosine wave drive function really interesting and unique. Also opting to use a tracking wheel instead of an inertial sensor is a pretty neat idea.


Why keep it private?

Is it not the point of online challenges to share know how?

Final question - did you win challenge with keeping it private?


When we submitted back in October, we didn’t want to give everyone access to our design and code, but now we feel more comfortable sharing our ideas with everyone.

And yes, I guess we did win with a private entry.

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I think recf implemented the privacy option in case some teams were worried that other people would “steal” their coding techniques, or robot designs.
it’s also possible that some teams just didn’t want videos of themselves public for anyone to view.

that said, I do agree that at least part of the goal in entering is to show off and share your abilities.

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I have mixed feelings about this. One huge benefit of on-line challenges is that it creates a body of knowledge. On the other hand, I can see teams wanting privacy. However, allowing teams to hide their submissions eliminates transparency in the selection process. On the balance, I do not believe teams should be allowed hidden submissions. If you need privacy or can’t figure out how to protect your identities, you should not make a submission. This does nothing for the greater good. So maybe my feelings aren’t so mixed. I mean, what if every team that made a submission decided to do this?