Regarding SG5

Team A is carrying a goal with their robot. TeamC is on the opposite alliance, and runs into Team A, causing the stack to fall. Would this result in a penalty( warning or dq(depending on severity))? If so, where does aggressive driving fit into In The Zone’s strategy?

My interpretation is that any contact with a robot or goal that causes it to fall or get knocked off is a penalty.

This sounds a lot like

So I would say that it would be a problem. As for the severity I really don’t know. It seems like this will happen all too often as this game will be very fast paced and robots will hit each other.

This is my concern. I can envision teams getting 10 cone stacks and just blocking. You can’t push them. If you do, you run the risk of dq.

I wonder if a combination of G13 and G12 would be applicable for the defending team here though.