Regarding surgical tubing

We saw a team use surgical tubing for shooting. We are not sure if anyone knows the exact link for purchasing on VEX and whether it is legal or not. Thanks.

Latex tubing


That is not the one we saw in the game. It is supposed to be like that

I would recommend you review legal parts for VRC and use that for your robot.

If you believe a team is using material at a competition that might not be permitted, notify the Head Referee and Event Partner at that event. If you feel you have not be heard by event officials, contact your RECF Team Engagement Manager to help sort out situation.

That said, early season lots of bizarre things occur, everyone is learning the game and rules. I had one season where a team came in with 2 foot long zip ties to guide game objects - they just were not aware of all the rules. We informed them of the rules, and they adapted their design to the constraints of parts you can use for competition robot.


Take a good look at Rule <R7>
The rule allows for some non vex components to be used, and in a limited number of cases identical components, I see no mention of latex tubing.


Thanks. But I ask the team captain and he clearly said it is from VEX.

Well if your team captain says so, then it must be true.


You’d be better off asking them to show you then. If you can’t find it on the website, it is not from VEX.