Region Locks for Regionals?

So my Mentor and I were discussing a few things for registering for a regional to compete in, we’re in California and want to make sure about something, if we’re in let’s say, Region 3, are we allowed to compete in things like Region 2 Regionals and such? Or are we locked in just local events for regionals? If someone could direct me to a forum or just tell me where I can find the answer to this, this would be very helpful to us. Thanks!

Check the game manual and qualifying criteria. I believe your answer should be found there.

You can compete in other regions, but if you win a qualifying award in another region it doesn’t count for your region.


Texas has been in the region model for a few years. Competition in other regions is allowed but winning the event will not secure a spot to a Region Championship. Skills scores become an important way to qualify for the Region Championship event.


Does this apply to Signature events?

Any worlds spot earned at a signature event will qualify the team that earned it for worlds assuming they are not previously qualified, regardless of region