Regional Competitions Qualifying Teams For State

According to this, a competition with 16-23 teams will qualify the excellence award winner and two tournament champions for the state competition. However, in the case of this competition and this one, the alliance were teams of three robots. If the tournament champions were qualified for state, 4 teams would be qualified for state, which is more than is allowed by these rules.

So what happens in this scenario? According to RobotEvents, the tournament champions of these competitions were not qualified for state. I personally feel that these teams should be qualified, or at least the top two ranked teams of the alliance, because they did win the tournament. Can this be changed, or if it’s just a typo or something in RobotEvents, fixed?

So the document says

In regions with a lot of tournaments for a small of amount of teams they do not always qualify the maximum amount of teams from each competition. If you have any questions I would suggest contacting your RECF regional manager.