Regional Double Qualifiers


We recently competed at the Heartland Regional and there were a few teams who double qualified. I was trying to determine who double qualified and opened up spots for the world championship through skills. I tried to go down the skills list and figure it out, but I can’t figure it out. Can someone help me determine who the teams are from skills who qualified for the world championship.

Here’s a link to the event page on Robot Events:

The link shows the awards that do qualify for worlds and who won them.


This could either go 1 of 2 ways. Either it’s given based on skill scores in robotevents or it’s given based off of skill scores for that states Regional.

If option 1: 6813 M, C, and B
If option 2: 1028V, 68763C, 2501B.

Note: If option 1 would occur those spots would go to the VEX Worlds waiting list.
(The team don’t have the funds to go to worlds)


It comes from the collection of skills from that event and prior events in your state/region. Highest Skills points gets the berth. So it will be a team from your state/region. So look at the World rankings, scroll down to the highest in your State. If they didn’t win at Heartland . It looks like @WillRider did the lookup for you in Option 1. That will be the list providing the Skills for Heartland were posted before @WillRider looked.


Thanks for the help.


No problem, see you at US Open. (hopefully)


At least in my region, worlds invitations that are declined are just gone, no other team gets in. Not sure if this applies to all regions or not however.


This doesn’t apply for our region.