Regional Powerhouse Team List

Hey guys! Since it’s right before Worlds I thought it would be good for teams to share their regions “powerhouse” teams. In other words, who are the best teams in your region.

In Indiana we have:
-High School-
323B Bot-E Builders - Skyrise
1001C - Comet Tech - Skyrise
7701Z - Steel Eagles - Cube

**-Middle School- **
323G - R.I.O.T. - Everything
323Y - Flux Capacitors - Cube

Who are your “powerhouse” teams?

Here’s my list for north Texas. I’ve separated the teams into two categories, cube bots, and skyrise bots. They are seperated based on what the teams (in my opinion) are best at.

26 - Iron Wave
5408F - Sachse Kronos 1
9090C - T-Vex

1366 - fearless robotics
7504X - Crossfire

Here is Colorado :

1826-the Fuse – great skyrise and auton, #2 in the world
974X - Cyber Brains – good cubing and driving, 26th in robot skills.

Here’s Idaho/Utah.

185A Skunkworks Alpha
2131D Durpy Drooling Zebras

2131C Issac Frostylund
5212A Infernos

Not gonna name my own team

Nebraska Middle School- 1073A Decoded and 5233M The Shield

From Washington, our regions “powerhouse” teams are as follows (these are only world going teams):

High School
10Q - Exothermic Quties
917S - Quantum Senpai
575 - Exothermic Haiku

Here is a video of the first two 1V1ing eachother:

Middle School
1410L - Utopic Unicorns

These guys were ranked 31st in World programming skills and probably shouldn’t have been in Middle School Division :stuck_out_tongue:

Here in Urumqi, we have:


Uh… and that’s about it.


BC, Canada
2(multiple teams)
2(multiple teams)

From Georgia (in my opinion according to match performance) and in no particular order:



I hope Leonidas sees this and remembers that 1v1 :cool:

Jesse, I beg to differ with your list for Indiana HS.


I know you wouldn’t name yourself, but i think 5003 makes the list by far over 323B.
I may not know their comparisons statistically, but 5003 had an all around better built robot than them, and could do everything they could do and more.

Also, while 7701Z was fantastic, I believe they did not live up to their robot’s full potential during state. They had a three capacity conveyor intake (nearly all robots in Indiana hold 2), however I think I only saw them hold three cubes once or twice outside of practice.

(I’m really sorry if this seems negative! I’m not hating on 323B. I think they’re awesome, but I think they do not have any advantage over 5003)

As a mentor here is my take:

1001C is the best in the state, hands down. Good solid robot and an unbelievable driver. I expect to see him advance at least well into the eliminations in his division.

323Z and 5003 have great teams but have struggled with consistency all season. If everything goes right for them then they are very hard to beat. 323B has been consistent and reliable all season long. I think your view on who is best comes down to one of these views:

  1. In any one given match who has the best potential to win
  2. Given multiple matches who is likely to win the most
    Both views are valid, just different perspectives.

7701Z has a great cube bot, but I think made a strategic error in the semifinals that cost them the state championship.

For middle school I would add 1184A. They have a great bot and drive team.

Disclaimer: I am a mentor for the 323 teams.



I hope Leonidas sees this and remembers that 1v1 :cool:

I’m happy to see that things never seem to change in GA VEX, seems to be about the same powerhouse teams as always. Good luck at worlds boys, bring back some hardware to compliment last years hardware!!!

I would say that 355B (Steel Pythons) and 333M (Majestic Emus) are the two strongest teams who will be at worlds representing Illinois. They ended up on the same alliance and went undefeated through all the elimination rounds, breaking the Illinois record score for Skyrise several times. I don’t really know too much about the middle school teams in Illinois, since we have a combined state championship.

For Ontario, I think these three teams are the really powerful ones:

There’s also a bunch of other good teams from Ontario such as 4659A, 356, 1509, 2560, 5335 (they’re robot is simple, but the driving is amazing)

Wisconsin, USA
Lists in no specific order

    • going to Worlds

- going to U.S. Open



Since auton is so important this year, I would propose we add a section for that as well.

5062A*#: 20 points(4 skyrises and a cube on the skyrise)
9807B* :12 points(2 skyrises and a cube on the skyrise)
5509A*#: 20 points(4 skyrises and a cube on the skyrise)

I’ve seen a cube-focused robot that routinely scores 14 in auto, and now I’m reading about 20-point Skyrise builders. Has anyone seen 34 points in autonomous yet? Assuming that 34 points would win auto, that’s 44 points before the driver’s period even starts.

We might see it at the World Championship or US Open.

some teams can do more; like 2915 and 62 who can do 28 points.

As much as I’d like to think 34 is possible. that would mean we would be scoring ~ 1 skyrise every 2 seconds. The first few would take place in < 1 second, and the rest would vary, depending on how high the lift goes. I personally do not want a skyrise intake stuck in my hand, but that’s just me :smiley:

Sorry, Jarred, I have to agree with Jesse here.

I appreciate the support, but you cannot overlook how competitive 323B has been throughout the season. Without the consistency of 323B (As well as the cube capabilities of 323Y) at the State Championships, our alliance would not have become tournament champions.

As for my opinion of the powerhouse teams in Indiana:

High school-

  • 1001C (Hands down the most consistent this season)
  • 323B (Fast and reliable skyrise construction)
  • 7701Z (Multi-cube capacity)
  • 323Z (New robot is great with skyrise sections and cubes)

Middle School-

  • 1184A (Consistent cube robot and great match strategy)
  • 323G (Good match strategy and universal robot)
  • 323Y (Multi-cube capacity and great strategy)