Regional Powerhouse Team List

I could see joined auton’s exceeding 34 points. If one robot were to build skyrise sections, than the other could pick up cubes and place them on the skyrise.

I think what Rick Tyler was talking about is a collective autonomous between the two alliance partners; not one robot going solo and getting 34 points. the skyrise robot getting 20-28 points and the post robot getting the 14 points that he mentioned. together that would be 34-42 points scored for one alliance (not including the auton bonus) by the end of the auton period. Of course, problems would arise if the 14 points scored used the skyrise, as the robots might conflict. Even then, I know there are 9-12 point autons that do not touch the skyrise at all. that would bring the maximum possible score down to 40.

Of course, I’m not the one with the 28 point auton so I may be wrong.

The only problem with autons this way, assuming they were accurate, is that at some point it slows atleast one of the robots down. Basically, it’s impossible for both robots to be doing something at the same time assuming one is building sections and one is putting on cubes. If you coordinate it correctly perhaps it will be close to 30.

This sucks for swing arms though because they’d have to wait for another robot to put on cubes, decreasing the number of sections we can build.

14 point cube auto. That is more than impressive. Rick can you tell us how they do it.

The 2 from British Columbia do a 9 point routinely by putting four cubes on the medium post. I saw a video of a 11 point cube auto where they put one cube on to two low post and two on the medium post. I just can’t figure out how one does a 14 point cube auto.
A lot of the powerhouse skyrise builder can build four skyrise and a cube on it consistently(20 points). I have seen 6 skyrise and a cube(28 point) but consistency becomes an issue.

Maybe 1 on low, 1 on med, 2 on low, 1 on low.

I don’t know how they could cover that much ground in 15 seconds though :o

Ohio’s Teams

4112A Blue Devils
9029 LE Bots

I kinda feel weird about this, but 9185 (us), since we’re basically one of the only cube bots in Ohio.

I might be wrong about this, but I think it was settled in the Q&A forum that while only one robot can carry a single SkyRise section at a time, the rules do not prohibit each robot on a single alliance from each carrying a SkyRise section simultaneously. So theoretically, two robots could be building a single SkyRise at the same time. That is something I would love to see.

I went back and looked for video and I cannot find it. I think you are right – 8-9 is more like it. Here’s a tip: never post anything on the forums unless you double-check your memory and have documentation.

In VRC it just seems not practical because you don’t know who your teammates are. :wink:

I know of a few teams that, if we paired with them, we could start the match with 50 points, including the 10 point autonomous bonus. That’s assuming autonomous went perfectly :slight_smile:

I expect Worlds to be very interesting :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree. 5225A is a great team. As for your other top two, for those who are not from Ontario, it should be pointed out that at worlds, 1114m will have a different drive team as their senior team will be preparing for FRC worlds. Also, 1104Z sadly won’t be attending although they deserve to be there!

472A is a great team and a threat so watch out for them! Ontario is bringing quite a few powerhouses to worlds! Can’t wait to see what unfolds on both the match fields as well as the skills fields!

Only because we both had better Red tile autonomous, and you stuck me with the Blue side. :mad:

Who took home the Driver/Robot skills award at State?..LEONIDAS!! ;):wink:

I do agree with your Georgia Picks though.

Ah you went there. Ha well your driver was better at that tournament but I still have the highest in the state so… In all seriousness, it’s interesting how only one of these powerhouse teams from Georgia ended up being on the winning alliance. All atleast made it to semis at state.

For Northern California, the top teams would have to be
They all have amazing autonomous routines, great driving, as well as fast cube and skyrise intakes. They are just all around good teams.

From Ontario, in our opinion, the best skyrisers 472A and 3553B. The best cubers are 1104Z and 1509 respectively, and the best all rounders are 4659A and 356B. But 5225A and 1114M are the best teams, who are all of the above :slight_smile:

Definitely agree, although I have to add a few more teams.
You guys for sure(5327C) it’s too bad you guys didn’t make states, but you made worlds so it’s all good! One of their matches on red
5776(Solid cube bot with back and forth skyrise) Their skyrise building
6089(Extremeley unique design and has dominated throughout the season) Their reveal video

(I’ll refrain from mentioning my own team)

That is interesting, last year all six teams in the finals were the power house teams… were people carried or just the way it happened?

The best team always dominate…better members better team better ideas better robot…survival of the fittest…

Well put. Another team and we are very good friends, and I regularly talk with one of their members. One of our common conversation points this season has been how the best teams don’t build the best designs. They decide on their design, and then build and perfect it until it is the best.

The best teams do the best and are consistently powerhouse teams year after year because they lead. Never follow.

I’m glad we got to skip states, the competition wasn’t run as well as previous years.

404A is also a really nice cube robot, as well as being great with the skyrise.

If a cube bot can get 2 cubes on the skyrise in the time it would generally take the skyrise bot to build a final skyrise, you gain 8 points instead of four, making it worth it. The only thing is that the cube bot would still have to be able to score some points on posts and then cube the skyrise.

What it really comes down to though is how fast the cubes can be scored, and the number of points you would have scored otherwise. With the needle intake, you can get cubes onto the skyrise very quickly, which may even allow for the cube bot to score the cubes without the skyrise bot having to wait.

Though I do think this is possible, the margin for error is extremely low. A small little issue could mess the entire autonomous up. That’s why I don’t expect to see this often, though I do think this would be incredible. However, if an alliance can somehow pull this off consistently in the elimination rounds, I think they are likely to win worlds.