Regional Powerhouses?

What teams do you guys think are the regional power houses? Not only this year, but starting from Toss Up, what do you guys think the regional powerhouses are.

Well there is this one team in my region… well three, actually. 8000A, 8000B, and 8000D are pretty much powerhouses.

Regional powerhouses in my area (Arizona) would be, imo, 127 (Lemon Bots), 6323Z (Lightning Robotics), and 8800 (Phoenix Lights).

Teams 127A and 127B were the winning alliance at state last year, 6323Z has won every tournament so far this season, and 8800 is the current programming skills champion here, and was state programming skills champion last year, and was also on the tournament finalist alliance at last year’s state.

Last year we were rookies, so I don’t know about before then, but these teams are DEFINITELY regional powerhouses.

In my region (British Columbia), team 2 from gladstone has always been on top by the end of the year, they even got first and second place at worlds one year. I would put 6264 as second, Because they always seem to be in finals, they got half of our worlds spots last year, and they had the highest official tossup programming skills score in he world. Team 9594, 1136, and 7793 have also been at the top at different times during the last few years. 7842 also seems to be above average at the start of the year, but then falls behind by the end of the year.

Right now 675e is probably the best team in Georgia. Swampbotics(idk their number) also provides several teams that I would have to rank below them. After that, I could say 5601 Legend Leonidas, but I don’t think his bot is as good as most people believe, though he is tough competition. I expect 675E to stay at the top until state, and then we might see some other teams rise up, such as the teams from the school that hosts the state competition, along with at least 2 of the 3921 teams, and maybe 3536M and B.

My first year was Skyrise, and even then I wasn’t involved enough to know the other teams that were the best in the state, so I cannot speak for previous seasons, though @MartinMaVEXForever can.

In our state Mississippi, all the powerhouse are gathered in Central Mississippi. We have about 3 schools in central Mississippi that just bring it every single year. Teams such as 4256B and 7536 are always a crowd favorite and their matches are always entertaining to watch and learn from. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of other good teams here and around Mississippi but Central Mississippi Teams just rise above the rest here every year and always manage to bring their A game. I am proud to be part of one of those programs and hope we will be able to maintain it in the years to come.

In Virginia, we have my school, 1575 at nine teams, Team 12 with 8 or so decent robots and 4 needing some work, 177x, Cyber Falcons 3623A, 4303 with five teams, and 6740 with two teams. All these organizations have done incredible things by either reaching high in skills or by winning tournaments.

The 323 teams are definitely the powerhouses in Indiana. There could be others but I wouldn’t know since this is only my third year in vex and second year that I have actually known what I’m doing :P.

5776T, 5776Y, and GAEL FORCE 5327C. And of course the 8000 series.

For Florida
Nothing But Net: 5267b, 6430(b), 1644
Skyrise: 4154,5956(b), 4411
Toss Up: 2711,1360x, 508x

Ever since I got involved with Vex, it’s usually a team from either 10, 575, 917 or 1492 that tend to be powerhouses in my region (Western Washington state).

From what I remember from Toss Up, it was 10Q, 575, several of the 917 teams, 1492X and 7784B (now 8931B).

Skyrise, it was 575, 917B, 917S, 1410L and to a lesser extent (probably a bit biased on this one): 4361T.

This year, based on what I’ve seen, it’s 917S, 1410L, and 1492Y.

I’m probably missing some teams that deserve to be in this list but these are the teams that I’m remembering.



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Here in SoCal powerhouse teams are: 3309B, 1138B, 62, 986A, 986B, and 1390. I’m probably missing a lot but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head

7983 series

I wouldn’t say anything yet because I know that our teams (1138 and 1138B) are competing in Bakersfield along with 3309B if I’m not mistaken because FRC LA Regional is the same weekend as the Pasadena states. Any team can sign up for any of the CA states so there can be a few teams from north and south CA that go to Bakerfield

Im from bakersfield and Im on 7983G, we are doing well in our region and in other places. Not to brag, but We have qualified for state 3 times already and are continuing to get better. You can look up our reveal video from a few weeks ago, but we have made some changes, we have a 25 point and up (possibly 35 were working on it) autonomous, and are better at preloads now then we used to be. I would also like to say that team 7983C is a good team, and so is 7983H. And also from the tournaments we’ve been in around the state 3309B has been a solid competitior, and our main competition when we see them

Also want to point out that there’s been some teams who have been suprisingly good that you wouldnt expect from clash in the canyon and clash in the desert. I dont think there are any gimme tournaments anywhere, and some teams have stepped up their game this year, and others have not been doing to hot

For this I’ll classify the UK as three regions. (London & South,midlands, north)
In london and the south the powerhouses would be (in my opinion) 3116B,5194B,6053B & 6053C these teams have been constantly making finals. We also have an independent team in london called virus robotics (4915 previously 5194) who I would say are the main powerhouse of the entire UK. They have never lost a tournament that they have been to since they started in gateway (including our nationals event).

Further north from london we have the midlands with the powerhouses being 1408S,1408V, 6023S, 6023J & 9315. These are teams from three different schools who dominate tournaments in their section of the country.

In the north we have 4664 teams. They seem to win pretty much every regional up there.

Thanks for the recognition @3921 first of all. I would agree that Swampbotics teams 2105C and A are quite competitive this year as well as 5601 despite Leonidas not being the powerhouse that they were last year. Also, recently 383V has been doing very well. I also expect the 3921 teams and other 675 teams to be quite competitive by state. In the past years, 1320 (tucker) as well as 5203(ola) have been competitive but I have yet to compete with them this year.

Looking forward to see how all the Georgia teams are doing in early January when we have our next competitions!