Regionals 3 in texas

Hey, guys so it’s my first year in Robotics and I qualifies to Regionals. In the awards it says that if I you make it to division semifinals you qualify to worlds. However, talking to more experienced teams they have told me that means you have to reach finals of ure division. Are they right ?

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Region 3 has 5 teams from the middle school and 14 teams from the high school qualify. If you are in middle school, only Excellence, Champions, Design, and Robot Skills move on. If you are in High School, everything from Semifinals on, Excellence, Design, Robot Skills, Amaze, Think, and Innovate all get you to Worlds guaranteed.



Thanks @GBHS_VEX_Member for the nicest “please read the qualifying criteria” document of the day post.


If the Region 3 Texas event splits into divisions, Division finalists will qualify to VEX worlds.

If the event does not split into divisions, semi-finalists will qualify to VEX worlds.

The division announcement is still pending from what I have seen.

That’s how it was in north/central FL states.

You can check it online, find the event and go to awards

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The reason why it was finalists last year was because regionals was split into 2 divisions. Since there are only 4 semifinalists, this meant that the division finalists were the semifinalists of the tournament. After speaking with the regional organizer this year, it seems basically confirmed that it is one division this year, meaning making semifinalists will qualify you for worlds. Good luck and I hope to see you there Saturday!

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