Just wanted to know if you guy made it to regionals, my team won a competition with a push bot and won by 80 points so my team hot a spot in the southern New England regional championship, what about you?

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Congrats! Looking forward to meeting Weston and Jockey Hollow teams in February!

Invites will be released by the region’s RECF Event Engagement Manager at a later date.


Nice, I can’t wait to see what Walsh has in store for us this year.

Not much right now - keeping it simple and building up from there!

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Just qualified for Louisiana state championship (whenever that’s going to be no date has been decided, or venue) yesterday when we found out a qualification spot dropped down to us from another team who already qualified.


We have also qualified for states, but I was wondering how everyone has qualified.

  • I have qualified by winning excellence award and tournament champion
  • I have qualified by winning excellence award
  • I have qualified by winning tournament champion
  • I have qualified by winning design award
  • I have qualified through skills
  • I have not qualified for the state tournament yet

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A lot of regions are in very different places right now in the season. In NY we just had our first competition last Saturday and states is not until mid March

I know its very different in a lot of places, but this poll is more about how people are qualifying rather than where they are qualifying and against who. If you want, you could make a poll to see which regions people are getting qualified in to test this.

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