Register for event -- then no show -- should REC still require teams to pay?

What is your take on teams that register for an event click on pay later then they are a no show for the event. The event states clearly no refunds. Should these teams be required to pay?

Communication with the Event Partner is the key. Most EPs are willing to work with teams that have an unforeseen event (sickness, travel issues) causing them to miss the tournament. At the same time the event has expenses and the team agreed to the terms when they signed up. The registration may have prevented another that could attend and planned to play.

As an event partner, a team/organization that bails on a registration goes on my naughty list and they will most certainly have to prepay if they want to attend a future event.

To answer your question, the RECF is simply coordinating the transaction. I don’t think that it is their place to be the collection police.


I think they still should even if they didnt show up to worlds, this is kind of paying for everything rec has done for iq and vrc in this challenging year. Thats just my opinion though.

Thought you were talking about worlds not just any event. Sorry :sweat_smile:

As the Event Partner, you can make sure that doesn’t happen. Put teams that don’t pay on the waiting list and they will be added when they pay.


As @sankeydd says, as an EP, I set a deadline for payment- usually about a week before an event. I give ample warning (emails) then move the team to the waiting list. Then I start moving teams off the waiting list and contact them to pay ASAP. This has practically eliminated unpaid no-shows at my tournaments.


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