Registering as a team

Hello there.
This is my first serious year of vex, and I am trying to register my team.
I am a one person private team that is self funded.
When I register it asks me to choose the type of team I’m registering as(ex. Homeschool, club, school, etc).
What type of team should I register as?

Edit: the selections

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what are the rest of the words after other?

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School does not appear in the list

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If you are homeschooled, choose homeschooled. If not, choose other.

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What would I put as my organization?

You could just put “private organization.”

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Oh that’s it? Thanks!

Let me look around and double check👍 Shouldn’t take very long

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Yes I believe so because you would be considered your own organization. You could ask on the official q and a for an official answer if you want to be safe.


Thanks for the clarification!:+1:


Yes, I will
Thanks again!

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Where is says “Organization”, you can put your own custom name for your one-person club if you want to.

If you already filled out the firm, I think you can go back and change that later. (Or even the team number, although I haven’t checked how to do so.)


Actually, you need to ask your RECF Regional Support Manager.

GDC Official Q&A only deals with game rules.


Do you know how one would find out who that is and contact them?

why yes!


When was your first official year in Vex then?

Last year, I joined the school team, but I didnt know how to build robots as well as not having a mentor and being a secondary team built from the remaining pieces that weren’t used up.
Needless to say our bots were a bit vertically challenged. Think clawbot but even worse

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