Registering as Active team

I am quite confused with the rules regarding registering to be an active team as usually I think Nationals for Singapore take place in the next year (2024 in this case).
But since there are like no other official events (to my knowledge) that we can register for, how do we be considered an active team?
In addition there is the rule that we have to register before December 15, but since the Nats is most likely next year, are we able to hold off on paying for registration until next year so that we can use the budget to purchase materials?
Thanks alot to anyone who is able to help clarify my doubts.

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While not a “Vex Official” source of information, I think @meng would offer some relevant insight


Uhm , sorry I did not include this in the first post, but does anyone also know where further details on events/comps happening in Singapore can be found? Thanks alot to everyone helping out.

If your registration is payed in robot events you’ll be considered active even without going to any competitions, it’s likely that your coach hasn’t payed yet

Per the QC: to be considered an “active team” the team must have registered for at least 1 qualifying event.


So if there is only a qualifying event next year, we will only be considered active after participating in that event.

Active team must have ‘registered for’ not ‘participated in’ the qualifying event, per the QC @ryanosweiler posted; if you register your team and then register for the qualifying event next year, it seems like you would be considered an active team at that time.

It does say ‘deadline to register teams for the 2023-2024 Vex competition season is December 15, 2023’ per RECF, so… you should probably discuss with your TEM if you don’t think you’ll be able to register by that deadline or if you have concerns regarding events.

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Yup… I had the same concern as well. But managed to get it clarified.

So yes - this is the official stand.
And as @TeamTX has rightly mentioned, the EP for next year SingNat will just need to make sure the event is listed on Robotevent before 15 Dec for the teams to register in advance.

But do remember you will need to officially register your team (ie. pay your due to RECF) with Robotevent before you can register for any official events listed inside Robotevent.

And btw, mind sharing which school or team you are from?
We have a small (but slowing growing) WhatsApp chat group among the active teams in SG.
I will add your teacher inside the chat group so that your team will not missed out on any announcements, etc.