Registering Teams for Competition

Hello, I am a new coach and am interested in getting my kids signed up for robotics competitions in Arizona. Given that our school is in a low-socioeconomic area our team is strapped for funds we need some guidance when it comes to registering a team. When it comes to registering teams on the roboevents website it will cost us about $650.00 to register all 6 teams. Is it at all possible to register 4 teams and get 4 license plates and then select out of my six teams which 4 teams are able to compete in the competition or does each registration have to be for the actual robot or the set number of kids on each team? Thank you for your replies and have a wonderful day.

Hi zcup,

Yes, what you have suggested would be acceptable. The internal logistics of a team are entirely up to you. As long as a team is registered in RobotEvents, it can consist of an entirely new robot or students from competition to competition.

However, before doing this, I would recommend reaching out to your local REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. This is a good time of year for teams to seek out and receive grant money, so there’s a chance you might be able to register all 6 teams anyway. You can find contact information for your local rep on this page:

Please don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM if you have any other questions!

​ - Dillon