Registering three diffrent robots

I have three robots that I want to compete with.
Do they all have to be under the same exactly team name or do they each have to have their own team name?
We just came back from the competition on the 25th from Carson, California (Semi Finals)and I noticed there were a few teams with the same number only a letter added to it because they had multiple robots.
ex Team 456a & 456b & 456c etc.etc.

I already have one robot registered under a team number (627).
I am almost done with a second robot, and have designs one a third am i about to start on. So do i register the second two robots under the same name 627 when i sign up for events following. Or do i have to register them as team 627b and 627c (team 627a being the robot that is ALREADY registered)?
I am completely stumped about this, the more detailed and specifically you can answer this question the better.
Thank You

I moved this out of the Official Tech support forum, because this isn’t really a VEX Tech Support question.

Go here:

*]And where it says “Returning Users” login using your username and password.
*]Once you are logged in, there should be a set of radio buttons, one will have your existing team, and the other will have the option to “Add a New Participant”.
*]Click that, and the process should be pretty straight forward from there.

Let us know if you have any questions!

I went through the process, John’s instructions were very clear, however the second team costs $75 instead of $25 specified in the rules. Not sure if that is just for me or others are having that problem as well.

Do you want
*]Three separate teams (three separate groups of students that each build their own robot), or
*]One team to enter three separate robots into the main Elevation competition, all at the same time, or
*]One team to use one of three different robots in each of the Driver-challenge, the Autonomous-challenge, and the ordinary Matches, or
*]One team to compete with one robot at each competition (but change the robot you use as you get smarter over the course of the full season)?

Basiclly i want
One team to enter three separate robots into the main Elevation competition, all at the same time.

Then that means you want to have three “teams”. Register three teams with IFI and then register each team to participate as many events as you like.

If you and I are thinking alike when we say “main Elevation competition”, each robot will be given a qualification match schedule separately from the other two, and each robot (along with the students on its team) will have a shot at winning/earning the competitions on the field and the judged awards.

It is possible, even likely, that the robots will be both opponents and allies during the day. Separate groups of students need to be “a/the team” for each of the robots so that each group can take each robot to each match or judging activity and operate it or describe it at that activity.


Did anyone figure out how to get the 2nd team fee from $75 to $25 ?

This is the first time I’ve heard this complaint. I forwarded it on to those more familiar with the system and they should be contacting you shortly.

Typically, additional teams automagically drop to $25.


I am also getting charged $75 to register my second team. (I followed the link and process above). Will contact Vex at a more chipper hour.