Registration Deadline in Ontario?

Hello Everyone! We’re a first year team that hopes to join VEX next year. Does anyone know when we should register as a team by? Any pointers/advice in general would also be appreciated, we are very inexperienced!

Sign up as soon as you can, otherwise you will miss email from RECF about the competition. Good luck on your first season!

Take a look at the competitions near you, pick a few, and register a few weeks before the first one. Registering teams can be expensive, along with all the additional costs of a first-year team (PM if you want more info on saving costs), and you don’t really need to until you know what competitions you’re going to.

Good Luck!

Our first year I registered the team in mid December in Ontario, and I don’t think the registration ever closes officially until Worlds. So you definitely have lots of time, but I’d do it earlier rather than later. Ontario competitions typically begin at the end of November.