Registration Fees for In The Zone!

Wow! The registration fees on RobotEvents have skyrocketed for the new season: $150USD for the first team and $100USD for the second on so on.
Now I’m Canadian, so they’re charging us $200CAD and $130 CAD! Compared to last year ($130CAD and $65CAD) and the year before ($100CAD and $50CAD), it’s quite a dramatic increase! I usually register four teams, so it’s now going to cost $590CAD when it used to be $250CAD two years ago. Is a 136% increase in two years reasonable?

Wonder what the massive increase in registration fees is for? Better / Bigger Worlds, or what?

Also, when did they make it so that we had to include a letter?

I agree that this was the most unwelcomed surprise of this whole week. I get that fees haven’t been raised much since Vex and the Rec have really explodes, but this is another step to making it harder for the larger organisations. For ten total teams the cost went from $550 to $1050 just to register. If it were just this cost it wouldn’t be super bad, but most of the regional and state events have also increased their costs dramatically over the past few years in our area, not sure about the others but I’m guess the pattern holds. This begs the question as to how much will you help your own sustain as far as schools/organizations already invested in growing their programs. It could kill our area if the teams with 4-10 teams a piece reduced their numbers. It is still way less than ftc and it’s a joke to compare the costs for frc, but Vex is starting to trend to the have money teams vs. the tough luck teams more and more. The program I moved to was considering reducing their number of teams, and now it’s a no brainer. I feel really bad for the larger (10+ teams club) originations and hope you all can sustain.

In order to pay for it, in addition to some other things, we plan to host two skills tournaments, which will net us around $700. This is the best advice I can do fifer you, aside from getting a sponsor

I was faux-registering teams earlier, and I had no problem specifying no letter?

That happened during the RobotEvents 2 rollout…

Teams that registered in Spring 2016 did not have to have letters, but when RE2 was implemented, all teams must have letters.

"robot events 2, it wasn’t broke, so we tried to fix it anyway but we changed that "

I’d like to see an explanation for the fee increase. We’ve been able to keep the tournament fee in BC fixed at CAD $50/team/event for a decade now, but we’re at the mercy of RECF when it comes to the initial registration.

I expect to hear some… concerns… from coaches, particularly clubs with multiple teams.


So looking around

it appears that in the last 2 years CAD has changed in value compared to USD over 20%. So your prices should have gone up that much. A minor adjustment to the cost everyone pays to register a team is not a big deal. I would imagine its because the size of grants and sponsorships has always made the registration fairly cheap and as the program gets bigger and bigger RECF gets less grant money per team than they did in the past.

Yes, even with Tabors blithe not a big deal post, it is a big deal. Very hard to explain that teams will spend less on competitions here in Delaware ($25 an event) than they will pay to Recf to get a number. Add to that home financed teams, registration is now a sixth of their VEXIQ budget.

I would have no problem with a 20% increase, but I find a 136% increase difficult to swallow. Believe it or not, the public school system is not as well-funded as some people would like to think: competition dollars have to be fund-raised or paid for by participants out of pocket.

I find it hard to ask my students to raise $200CAD to get an RECF number. With competition entry fees, the kids know what they are getting. It is hard for students to comprehend what they are getting for their RECF registration fees other than a <$20 welcome kit.

As I prepare a budget for next year, I have to balance the idea of having more students participate in competition versus more equipment to get more students involved in STEM. I’ll likely have to go with the latter and cut to two competing teams instead of four.

Just my opinion :slight_smile: I still very much appreciate the VEX Robotics competition system and platform, but the monetary cost is still very important to both large programs and small.

It will be interesting to see if it affects team numbers. It is easy to track which teams don’t sign up again, but more difficult to track those that don’t get involved or who choose a different program instead.

Certainly for schools with multiple teams it will encourage some rationalization of team numbers. Perhaps there are six kids on one team now, rather than three… but maybe three show up one weekend with one robot and three on the next with a different robot. It’s perfectly legal to organize teams that way.

I know that having a low barrier to entry has helped to encourage team growth in B.C. The higher the entry fee the more difficult my pitch to teachers. Which is why B.C. event fees have been fixed at $50 for the past ten years.